Our story

Dragonfly Consulting is a creative and vibrant freelance design company specialising in digital/graphic design, website design and social media. We want to work with you to elevate your business in every way and help create new innovative ideas that will ensure lasting and meaningful relationships with your audience. 


Our mission is to help brands grow to their full potential by creating immersive, long lasting experiences. For every project we invest in the success of the business and strive for our client relationships to feel like partnerships.


Hello, my name is Catherine and I am a creative freelancer based in South Africa.

After completing my Honours degree in Corporate Communications I started working for a entrepreneur and her many businesses. 

Using what I had learned in my degree and while working for her I had the opportunity to develop my web design, graphic design and writing skills. This turned into something I really enjoyed so I decided to go out on my own and Dragonfly Consulting was born. 

I have a passion for helping brands grow to their full potential. I am a firm believer in transparency and keeping an open communication relationship throughout all my business interactions.